Booking a Holiday on a Budget…


If you’re on a strict budget it can be easy to assume that a holiday is out of the question. However before you write off the idea completely make sure you look into all of the options and don’t rule anything out. The truth is that with a little organisation and being a savvy shopper it’s easy enough to book a trip away to suit any sort of budget.

Saving Money on Your Holiday

There are two ways to save money on a holiday – one is booking well in advance and one is waiting right until the last minute. They both have good success rates, so it’s up to you which method you feel is best suited to you and your needs.

Being organised is definitely the key, even if you book last minute you need to be able to travel at any time because sometimes the bargains really can be very last minute. Flexibility is also a great money saver when it comes to holidays, especially if you are planning a trip abroad.

Cut Price Accommodation

One of the most important things to remember is that budget holiday doesn’t mean scrimping or missing out. You have to be a bit clever with what you are booking and how you are booking it but you definitely don’t have to miss out.

For example it is well worth looking into secret hotels when it comes to booking your holiday accommodation. Establishments are often left with empty rooms which does them no good at all. The truth is that running a hotel costs much the same no matter how many guests are booked in to stay. So, it makes sense for them to sell the room, even at a rock bottom price rather than leaving the room empty.


Benefiting from a Secret Hotel Room

As hotels are keen to have as many rooms filled as possible every night, they’ll often sell some of their best rooms at low prices. As a holiday-maker this helps you in two ways – one you get to stay in a hotel that is affordable but also you tend to get a top-notch room at an affordable price, so you get to really treat yourself too.

The idea of booking a hotel that you don’t know what you’re booking can be scary, but places like Secret Escapes and Last Minute make it as easy as possible. You get to read up pretty much everything about the hotel, except the name. That way you can make sure that it matches your needs and what you’re looking for and still benefit from a bargain.